Safari Album

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Safari Album

The most engaging and aesthetically pleasing way to learn animlas and their habitats!

“Safari Album” is an interactive workbook for kids ages 3-5 aimed to build solid knowledge of animals from three habitats and practice fine motor skills.

On each page a child magically reveals an animal with a touch of a finger. The animal responds to a child’s touch with a movement and sound. “Read to Me” feature allows a child to hear fun facts about the animal without parent’s help.  Each chapter is followed by a self-check quiz.

A unique feature of the album is a mini-puzzle included in each page aimed to boost curiosity, exploration and out-of-box thinking.

Skills practiced:

  • relation of  commonly known animals to their habitat (forest, savannah, jungle);
  • word recognition;
  • listening and comprehension;
  • cognitive abilities – categorization and differentiation;
  • simple logic and creativity;
  • independent learning.                


  • original illustrations;
  • delightful animations and sound effects;
  • beautiful music;
  • ”Read to Me” feature with professional narration;
  • mini-puzzle on each page;
  • quizzes;
  • access to your child’s  progress reports online via optional account at

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Experts recommend!

"Safari Album" is endorsed by the Institute of Childhood, Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, St.-Petersburg, Russia.

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